Sex Magic continues!

Being able to hand-pick my successor is a genuine treat, especially when you stumble across someone who practically reads your mind when it comes to characterization and the direction you want to take the story.

For that reason I am proud to announce that leo_draconis will be taking over "Sex Magic" from here. I've read her chapter nineteen submission and I think you will all be very pleased with it. Keep an eye out for her to post soon.

Good luck, Mrs. Malfoy! You've earned it! Now you get to deal with over one hundred comments per entry flooding your inbox and constant nagging from fans. ;)
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After many years, graduating, applying to vet school and getting married, my life has finally calmed down enough for me to focus on things that fell much farther down on my priority list.

Let me just say, first and foremost, that you guys are awesome. I would check the email account set up for this blog every six months or so, anticipating a dwindling interest in Sex Magic and only a few comments. I never expected that over three years after the last update that my inbox would still be flooded with reviews. Seriously, thank you.

The bad news is that I won't be continuing the story. I've just moved on and no longer relate to it or enjoy coming back to it. However, the idea was proposed that I could have someone else finish it for me, and I feel like I owe you guys that much at least for sticking around for so long.

Here's how this will work; send an email to with a request to throw your hat in. I will send each potential author what I have written of chapter eighteen, and they can build off of it, use bits and pieces of it or choose to completely rewrite their own version of chapter eighteen. Send the chapters to me and I will review the submissions and select who I think is best to continue Sex Magic. I will also give the winning author my notes on the general direction I saw the story going in.

Since this blog has gone untouched for years, I would appreciate it if anyone who reads this could help put the word out and crosspost to various H/D communities and such. Thank you again. It's been fun, and all of your reviews and comments were greatly appreciated.

"Itch", NC-17, Harry/Draco.

I've finally finished something! It isn't "Sex Magic". Sorry, I tried, but I'm just not residing in flufftown anymore. This is where I am right now, and I like it for the moment.

Title: Itch
Author: VelvetBlood
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, Hogwarts, or anything resembling JKR's work.
Summary: Draco is getting married. But before he does that, he has this annoying little itch he simply must scratch.
Warnings: This hasn't been beta'd, so bear with me.

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Okay, so the question I keep getting is: "Have you given up on Sex Magic?" The answer is both yes and no. No, I don't plan on abandoning it entirely. Yes, I'm frustrated with it/tired of it/don't want to deal with it.

The problem is, I started it over three years ago. I was a different person then, the boys were different characters then, and overall everyone has matured since 2005. Going back to a story that I no longer identify with, or enjoy, and whose characters are grossly out of proportion to how I view them now, is really difficult.

So, these past few months I've been slowly but surely touching up the story. I've reread the first six chapters or so and made a few small changes. Grammatical things, mostly. Sentences that didn't flow as smoothly as I'd like, weird imagery, and some fairly awful purple prose. I plan on doing the same for the rest of the chapters, and then going back and rereading everything again and making some rather larger changes. Those would be changes to the actual plot, things I now find silly or unnecessary, or that I think I handled poorly the first time around.

Now, you're probably thinking I'll make the story unrecognizable. That's not the case, though. It'll still be "Sex Magic", only I think a more mature and realistic version of it.

So, that's where I'm at with things at the moment. I forced myself not to take any classes for the summer semester, so for the first time in three years I've got a summer off. That means I'll have plenty of time to make the changes I think are necessary, and then hopefully begin adding to "Sex Magic".
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Okay, so I suppose after... *checks* six months, I should probably say something. The truth is, I can't explain the first three months without an update. Call it writer's block, call it laziness, but I just couldn't bring myself to bust out another chapter of Sex Magic. Nothing felt right when I tried to sit down and force myself to write something, anything. So, there you go.

The last three months, however, I haven't even tried to write anything. And there's a reason why. One of my rats and I went through a horribly traumatic event together. I sat on her. I had the rats out for their usual daily play time, and I am always SO VERY careful about where I put my feet, where I sit, but this one time I looked over and saw the girls on the other end of the room and figured I was safe. In the two seconds it took for my butt to hit the floor, Gracie had gotten right under me.

Long story short, it didn't kill her, but she had a massive hernia that has required two repairs and caused all sorts of complications over the last three months. From busted stitches, to areas that have re-defected, to abcesses and now a tumor that needs to be removed. Next week will be her third surgery.

Basically, this has required a lot of my time, energy and finances. Not to mention the emotional roller coaster I've been on since July dealing with my guilt over hurting my poor, sweet baby girl. I apologize for the extreme delay in updates, but honestly some days it has been difficult just to drag myself to work and classes. I know that may sound extreme to some of you, but I'm sure the pet owners will understand the kind of psychological trauma that near-killing your own pet can cause.

So, cross your fingers for Gracie to pull through this third and hopefully last surgery with as much strength and patience as she has the previous two.
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Chapter eighteen.

At long, long, long last. Also, this chapter hasn't been betaed. It seems my beta is either on vacation, dead, or has given up on me. In which case, I might be in the market for a new beta. Email me if you're interested.

Also, quite a few of the emails on the mailing list failed delivery when I sent out the update this time. If you are on the mailing list and didn't receive an update, please let me know.

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Continue on to Chapter Nineteen by leo_draconis.

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Mm kay, I've got a drink in my hand, a rat in my lap (Emma says: "Hi."), and I'm ready to start my rant. This is the one that I've had saved up for awhile now, and let out in small increments at various forums every now and then, but never have put the full-blown, spittle-flying rage that this topic sends me into in a whole, concise format before.

So, I bring you: Collapse )
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Tonight, after my third exam in three days, I will be coming home, ordering some take-out, consuming half a bottle of vodka and finishing the next chapter of Sex Magic. It's already halfway done, but still needs a smut injection. ;)

I also have a couple of good rants in store for you. One I've had brewing for awhile now, but had it saved for a rainy day.

indigorhapsody and moonanddogster, this means you will have a chapter to (most likely, heavily) edit sometime soon. It also means I have to sit down and go through dozens of webpages worth of mailing list requests. Holy crap, a lot of you signed up! It amazes me that people are still just discovering this fic after so long.

In other news, I didn't win the Sorting Hat award for Best Bonding fic. I didn't mention it here because I didn't want to be one of those shady fic authors who rally up their f-list in order to steamroll a vote. "OMG if u luv me u'll vote 4 me~1!1!!" Or threatening to withold chapters unless you go vote. Nuh uh. But still, I can't help feeling that if more people had known I was nominated I might've won. Too late now, I guess.

And now for more studying while my brain screams for mercy. Does that make me the bottom? Damn it. I'm pre-vet's bitch.
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