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VelvetBlood's Fanfiction

A collection of anime, television and literature fandoms.

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This journal is an archive of my fanfiction. It contains adult material, as well as some content that may offend adult readers. Such as:

  • Homosexual relationships
  • Bondage
  • Violence
  • Non-consentual sex
  • Bloodplay
  • Torture

    If you are offended by most of the above, I suggest not continuing any further.

    As for those who are here to read my fanfiction - welcome. Your reviews, suggestions, critisisms and support are very much appreciated. Flames are not appreciated, and will be removed. I've decided not to friend-lock this journal quite yet, but if I encounter repeated problems with flamers, I will do so.

    Fics are archived as memories by title, pairing or character, and rating. Other things you may find here are fanart, my thoughts on characters, rants concerning aspects of fanon vs. canon, or discussion of fandom in general.

    Thank you and enjoy.
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